Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vintage Starting Lineup Mike Singletary!

I gotta give a shout-out to my fellow toy-collecting homeboy, Tony Fowler, for hooking em up with my very first Starting Lineup figure. Tony was digging around his old toy stash, looking for a Starting Lineup Chicago bears helmet for me (seriously, I was just looking for one of the little mini helmets) when lo and behold, he unearths one with a Mike Singletary figure still attached to it!

Any Bears fan knows that Mike Singletary was a legendary defensive lineman that was part of the 1985 Super Bowl champions team aside such legends as William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Jim McMahaon and of course, Sweetness himself, Walter Payton.

I've never owned a Starting Lineup figure before, and by today's standards, they're pretty lame. But I know they were pretty big in their day. I do like the GSH on the sleeve. That's a nice detail.

I also like the fact that their helmets were removable. Something that McFarlane Toys, the makers of the current NFL figures, would do well to take a lesson from.

And not to nit-pick a figure that has all of four points of articulation, but I think that they really should have included his classic mustache. It looks like they molded it, but didn't paint it. Weird. I also wish they would have included the thin white boarder around the helmet logo.

Listen to me. I sound like a total ingrate. But despite its tiny faults, I really do love this figure and was pleased as punch that Tony thought of me. Of course, now this means that I've got to hunt down all the other Starting Lineup Bears figures. Oh, what I would give for a Walter Payton.

Anyway, I'm sure good ol' Singletary is going to fit in nicely with the rest of my Chicago defensive line action figures.