Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zoinks! It's the Hot Wheels Mystery Machine!

I've got to give another shout-out to the mighty honorary Dork Lord of the East, Matt K. for hooking a brother up with this killer Hot Wheels Mystery Machine. You all may have noticed that I sort of have a thing for vehicles from movies and TV (that includes cartoons), and the Mystery Machine is pretty high up on my list of all-time faves. I was super jazzed to see this at SDCC last July and new it was a matter of time before it hit stores. Unfortunately, I live in the most scalper-raided area of the country and have yet to see one of these in stores. But luckily, I have awesome brothers like Matt K. looking out for me on the other side of the country!

Check it out...

I'm not kidding, this may be my favorite of the recent TV/movie related Hot Wheels releases. Just look at this beauty...

If I have one small quibble, I do wish that Hot Wheels would have added a little detail on the front and back. You know, like the little flower on the spare tire cover, or maybe some colored lights or something. Again, small nit-pick.

Anyhoo, this one is taking up a front-and-center place of honor in my collection. Now I can go solve really, really tiny mysteries.