Friday, November 16, 2012

Top 5 Friday! My Top 5 Favorite Garbage Pail Kids Cards!

Waaaayyyyyy back in 1985, when I was in 7th grade, my friends (well, the dudes I sat with in art class) and I started this sort of club called Cabbage Patch Killers, which was born out of distaste for Cabbage Patch Kids. This led to us spending an inordinate amount of class time drawing pictures of Cabbage Patch Kids in various forms of mutilation, like slashed to pieces by Freddy Krueger or flattened with tire marks across them where they had been run over in the street. We thought we were so clever. It also occurs to me that my art teacher in 7th grade really didn't pay any attention to us whatsoever.

So imagine the mind-blowing moment when another kid in class (not a member of the GPK) brought in a stack of garbage Pail Kids cards! We instantly decided that we were all geniuses and had our thumbs firmly upon the pulse of the American satirical zeitgeist.

Needless to say, I spent the next couple of years collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards like there was no tomorrow. And here's five of them that always stuck in my head...

1. Jay Decay - In many ways, this one was probably my number one favorite. Zombies are awesome and the artwork on this one is stunning.
2. Reese Pieces - This one will forever stick into my memory because this is the card most given to me by other people. So many kids in my school thought that they were the first person to put together the fact that my name (although spelled differently) was the same name on this card. Eventually I would end up with about a 3 inch tall stack of nothing but this card.
 3. Roy Bot - Part little kid doll, part transformer. All Awesome.
4. Savage Stuart - Even back in 7th grade, I was a massive Conan fan and this card always reminded me of my favorite Son of Cimmeria. Crom!
5. Charlotte Web - Sometimes known as "Didi T", this card was always one of my favorites due to the sheer horror I felt when I thought of a giant black widow spider with a human baby face. *shudder*

That's it for this week! Another Top 5 list will be posted next Friday!