Friday, November 18, 2011

The 2011 Action Figure Nativity Contest!

Hey there fellow toy lovers and collector geeks! December (my absolute favorite month of the year) is almost here, and you know what that means... Christmas!

And to celebrate the Yuletide Season, I thought it would be fun to host a little holiday picture contest.

As some of you may remember, for the last couple of years, I have posted a classic Nativity scene (that scene where baby Jesus is all lying in a manger and stuff and there's a bunch of animals and sheep herders and kings with incense and whatnot hanging around), only made up entirely of action figures and various other toys.

Here they are...



Well, I thought that not only should I make my own Nativity scene again this year, but I should also invite you all to make your own as well (last year, we had a few of you get in on the action and it was epic).

But then I thought, why not make it really fun and vote on a winner and the winner gets something? Even better!

So here it is...

Hosted by Hey! Look at My Toys!

Just make your very own Nativity scene out of various toys and action figures and email a good sized pic (at least 1000 pixels wide) of it to reisobrien[at]gmail[dot]com, with the words 2011 NATIVITY in the subject line along with you name and a link to your blog no later than...


That gives you a whole month from today to get this done and sent in!

I'll post them all right here on the blog and include a poll with everyone's name for people to vote on their favorite. You can also post your Nativity scene on your blog as well along with a link to here so your readers can vote for you. The person with the most votes will win the grand prize of a big, fat bag of brand new toys (sponsored by yours truly) and the runner up will receive one brand new toy (also sponsored by yours truly).

I have no idea what the prizes will be yet, but I'll try to make them something cool. And, no, I will not be eligible to win, since I am hosting this.

The winners will be announced on December 26th! 

So voters will only have one week to vote for their favorite.

Your Nativity scene will need action figures to play the parts of baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three kings, some shepherds, an angel and some barn animals. And maybe a little drummer boy.

Feel free to spread this around! The more the merrier!

Now, go get your Birth of a Savior on!