Monday, August 13, 2012

Batmobile Extravaganza!

Thanks to my good homie back in N.C., Matt K., who I went to high school with and once pulled me out of a pile of kicking skinheads in a punk club back in '92, and the guy who coined the phrase "dork horde" on my Facebook page (thus making him an honorary member), for picking up this killer collection of Hot Wheels Batmobiles!

I imagine that these were released to cash in on the movie opening, and he had to hit a few different stores to find them all (they're getting scalped pretty hard), but he managed to find most of them (#3 The 1966 Batmobile and #4 The Batcopter are eluding us) and sent them on to me.

The funny thing is that I have most of these cars already in one version or another, but it's the sweet packaging that makes me all excited. So much so, that I think this will be one of those rare cases where I keep the toy in the package, because I think these will make a gorgeous display as they are.

Anyway, check them out...

First up is The Batman Batmobile! A car I already have, but just look at that badass backing card! I know that this version of animated Batman is not everyone's favorite, but I actually liked the design a lot.

Next we have The Brave and the Bold version, which is probably my all-time favorite Batman cartoon, and definitely one of my favorite Batmobiles...

Next we have the "Affinity Batmobile", which just confuses the hell outta me. I have this one in the original dark blue, and for years thought it was from that last crappy Schumacher Batman movie (quite frankly, I didn't pay a lot of attention to that drivel), but I guess not. This must be an original DC design, right? If anyone knows, hook me up with the info. Anyway, the black version of this car, with those red windows is friggin epic!

Here we see the Arkham Asylum Batmobile. Holy... crap. What an awesome car. Again, I have the original release of this (loose, of course), so I'm stoked to have a version still sealed in the package with that awesome artwork on the backing card.

This one sort of makes me laugh a little. I don't think that Hot Wheels released the original "Crooze" car as a Batmobile. So this smacks of a quick jet black repaint combined with some straight-from-the-style-guide artwork on the packaging. Don't get me wrong, it's got coolness dripping off its fenders. But I know a toy company trick when I see one.

Next we have what I guess is some sort of deformed 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile. I can't lie, I sort of wish that they made a more faithful version of the one in the movie, and I can't imagine why they felt the need to make it with huge from wheels and douchebag-armband-tattoo-style "tribal" graphics on the side. Not to sound ungrateful, I'm hella thrilled to have it in the collection, just confused about how it came to be.

And finally, Matt K. was a real bro and included one of the new Matchbox Batmobiles that seem to be hitting shelves lately. This one is killer on many levels. First, it's from Matchbox (which, correct me if I'm wrong, they've never released a Batmobile before, right?). Second, it's rendered in a bizarre, yet cool, sparkle blue with red trim. And third, I don't think I've ever seen this mold before! I may be wrong on that. But it's new to me.

Anyway, thanks a ton to Matt K. back in N.C. for hooking a brother up! This is going to make such a bitchin' display.