Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dork Horde Give Away! Avengers Movie Version Black Widow!

Hail Fellow Hordytes!

It is I, the Lord of Dorkness, bringing you, yet again, another Dork Horde Give Away!

This time I'll be randomly picking some lucky Horde member to be the proud recipient of this brand-spanking-new Avengers Movie Version Black Widow figure!

You all may remember my gushing "review" of this figure shortly after my return from San Diego Comic Con. Well, right after I shelled out $20 to some scalper for mine, wouldn't you know I come across another one on the shelf at Target. And I'll be passing that good fortune on to YOU!

All you have to do is:

1. Be an official Dork Horde Member.
2. Say, "I want in!" or something similar in the comments of this post, so I can add your name to the pool.

Not a Dork Horde member, you say? Well, here's how you join!

I'll be picking a member one week from today, so all of you Horde hopefuls have until midnight on Friday, August 17th to join. Be sure you follow all the guidelines for joining, and read all the fine print.

Good luck! FOR THE HORDE!!!