Friday, August 10, 2012

Top 5 Friday! My Top 5 Favorite G.I. Joe Vehicles!

I've gone on at length about how I discovered G.I. Joe (A Real American Hero) all on my own as a kid and then went crazy for the toy line, cartoon and comic books. So I won't re-hash it, but you can see me waxing poetically about G.I. Joe HERE and HERE.

Half the fun of action figures (especially 3 3/4" action figures) is that you get some truly killer vehicles and playsets for them. Some of my all-time favorite toy vehicles come from the first three years of G.I. Joe's second coming in the early '80s. So i thought that would make a good theme for this week's Top 5 list.

So, buckle in as I take you on a ride though my Top 5 Favorite G.I. Joe Vehicles!

1. The Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM)
How they got RAM out of Rapid Fire Mototrcylce is beyond me (shouldn't it be RFM?), but since this was my very first G.I. Joe vehicle, it get's the number one spot (not that these are really in any order). For some reason, the only Joe I ever let drive this two-wheeled terror was Rock-n-Roll. No idea why. There was just something about that bearded dude with the giant m-60 machine gun that scream "biker" to me. And yes, I took this baby off some sweet jumps.
2. The Cobra H.I.S.S.
Much like the RAM above, the HISS was my very first Cobra vehicle. Its innate awesomeness is apparent, with its jet black hull and ground-crushing tread, but the thing that makes this one extra special to me is that, due to a shopping list snafu on my mom's part, I got two of these one Christmas. BAM! Double the trouble!
3. The Sky Hawk
Now, I know what you're thinking; "But Reis, there are far cooler G.I. Joe flying vehicles that this one!" And you're right, to an extent. But when I was a kid, I never went in for the giant vehicles. They were always hard to hold up in the air and go "vroooom!" with. Instead, I dug these little one or two-man vehicles. Something sleek and compact that can 180 on a dime. Besides, this baby had vertical take off. That's just pimp.
4. The Snow Cat
Growing up in small town Michigan, before the onset of global warming, I had an intimate knowledge of snow. So snow related toys were of a particular interest to me, and the Snow Cat took the cake. Missiles, rear tank tread, spare skis and even a friggin windshield wiper! The funny this is, I never let the included driver Frostbite, drive the dang thing. This was Snowjob's vehicle as far as I was concerned. Also, this vehicle marks one of the very last G.I. Joe toys I would ever own. Growing up was just around the corner.
5. The Cobra Stinger
This... is... one... bad... ass... vehicle. The Joe's had their awesome Jeep/Hummer, and this is basically an updated version of it (using many of the same exact molds), but this one just oozes terror. Stealth black, blood red missiles on top and throw in a gray version of the regular Cobra trooper and this has win written all over it. Well, not a win for Cobra, naturally. Because the Joes are gonna kick their butts.

That's it for this week's Top 5 list! Tune in next time and I'll dredge up five other things that I get all misty-eyed over.