Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tales from the 25¢ Bin! Groo the Wanderer!

I think I have told of my discovery and instant love for the classic Sergio Aragones character Groo the Wanderer. But to recap: When I was 12 years old and really starting to become a serious comic book collector (along with a couple of other friends), I discovered Groo in a stack of cheap comics at a flea market while on a trip to my friend's family's cabin. I picked them up and we spent the weekend in our room (it rained the whole trip) reading and re-reading our recent comic book haul, and it didn't take long to decide that the Groo comic I grabbed were some of the greatest comics we have ever read.

It had harrowing adventure, thrilling battles and piping hot cheese dip!

So, to this day, I can't pass up a cheap copy of Groo (and am seriously courting the idea of trying to collect the entire run again) whenever I see them in the 4 for a dollar bin.

Here's my latest haul...