Sunday, September 9, 2012

1956 Sunday Funnies!

Inspired by my fellow bloggers, I've taken to keeping my eyes peeled for garage sales and yard sales here in Seattle while driving around on my usual weekend errands. I don't always find much but last weekend I shelled out one of the best dollars I've ever spent when I found this almost pristine copy of the Seattle Post Intelligencer's Sunday comics pages from 1956.

The cartoon and comic strip nerd in me practically did a big girly cartwheel when I found this. What a beautiful slice of comic strip history, perfectly preserved and now made a permanent part of the Lair's collection.

I took some pics to share with you all. Sorry that they're not great, but if you click on them, you should still be able to read them. My favorites are The Phantom, the Lone Ranger and Flash Gordon. Also note that the entire centerfold section was ruled by Disney back then, with Donald Duck, mickey Mouse and even Uncle Remus comics! I even included the ads. So much classic awesomeness.








Not bad for $1, eh?