Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Seriously Awesome 25¢ Bin Score!

I have found some gems in my day in the 4-for-a-buck bin, but today's find deserves a post all unto itself.

There I was, flipping through the usual unwanted issues of X-Factor and anything from valiant comics, when I found myself staring right at this particular comic book...

I thought, "Oh cool! An early issue of Swamp Thing! I'll take that for 25¢!", but then I noticed something scrawled across the cover...

That, boys and ghouls, is the one and only Bernie Wrightson's autograph. In ink. On the cover.

KA-BOOM! You just don't find stuff like this in the cheap-o bins! I have been a massive fan of Wrightson since middle school when I first got my hands on a copy of the Creepshow movie adaptation. heck, the only reason I read Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf was because it was illustrated by Bernie.

I would have bought this comic anyway, but the fact that it was signed just blew me away. Someone stood in a line, possibly shook his hand, said hello to the man and then got this well-read issue of Swamp Thing signed, and somehow it ended up in a use book store cheap bin.

Well, it's mine now, and will take a place of honor among my collection.

Besides, I'm excited to read about Swampy and Bats' meet-up!