Monday, September 17, 2012

He's a Pinball Wizard... er... I Mean, Robot!

Another one of the toys that came last week in Jboy's care package of playthings was this fascinating little robot that I fell in love with immediately. There was just something about his little red, bulging eyes, R2-D2 like body and all-around '80s-ness that made me pick him up out the box and let out a long, drawn out "Cooooooooool!" from my inner 9-year-old.

When I turned the little blue robot around, I noticed that he had what inexplicably appeared to be the top playing filed area of a pinball machine. Then it hit me; this robot is a transformer!

 I sent Jboy an email back to thank him for the care package, I asked him about the little guy and he informed me that this was a toy from a likne called Convertors, from their Spies series and that his name was Tilt.

Just look at the gorgeous graphics on the pinball board...

Hmmm... "Space Wars", eh? Some of those ships look awfully familiar.

I did my best to convert the robot correctly into his Pinball machine form and this was the best I could do. I may be missing a step or two. Not sure.

Another nice touch to this toy was the fact that it's entirely playable! There's a little pull-back lever to launch the little silver ball and buttons on the sides that actually work the flippers. Why could I not have found this toy when I was a kid?!

Huh... Looks like player two is kicking butt...

I did a little research on the Convertors toys and found that they were basically  Transofrmers/Gobots knock-offs that usually sold in the cheaper toy sections of the world, such as in drug stores and whatnot. Which, considering how expensive Transformers were back in the day, meant they were precisely the kind of toy I would have ended up with if we had ever found them.

Still, I love the hell out of this toy and am seriously tempted to find more. In the meantime, Tilt will fit in nicely in my current action figure arcade.

Oh! Boba Fett is going for a high score!