Monday, September 10, 2012

Chicago Bears Gumball Machine Figure!

I've written extensively on those adorable little round-headed gashapon (vending machine toys) figures based on our favorite Marvel Comics heroes and villains before (you can read the whole post HERE), so I'm no strangers to these little spheres of fun.

But I was completely stoked to find the same style of figures based on our favorite NFL football teams!

I spotted some at my local grocery store and plunked in $4 worth of quarters in an attempt to get a Chicago Bears figure, alas, to no avail. So I sort of cheated and immediately went home, found one on eBay for $1 and bought it quicker than Matt Forte running down the gridiron.

I loooooooooooooooooooove this little dude!

I do wish that they were a little more detailed, like, maybe some numbers on the chest or some team-specific stripes on the uniform, but whatever. It was a buck. I know they have to keep production costs down, so I get it.

I will NOT be collecting all of these. I just wanted the Bears one. But he will get added to the Bears shelf and hold a spot right up front and center.