Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marvel Comics Movie Adaptation: Dragonslayer!

I love comic book movie adaptations! Well, most of them. Not all.

But today's example is a prime example of killer adaptationizing (yes, I just made up that word).

When I as younger, before VCRs, DVDs or BluRays, the only way you could rewatch a movie was on HBO or whatever. Which was great and all, but you were subject to the whims of the programming people and you sort of had to hope your favorite movie was coming on. But a great way to "watch and re-watch" a favorite flick was through the magic of comic book movie adaptations.

And one such adaptation I remember loving was the Marvel Comics adaptation of Dragonslayer!

I loved and didn't love this movie as a kid. It was weird. There were things about it that always sort of annoyed me, but that didn't stop me from watching it over and over on cable TV and then, of course, reading the comic book version like crazy.

Unlike the Willow adaptation, this one is beautifully drawn and in full color.

I remember the dragon design int he movie pretty much setting the standard for me as far as what a dragon was supposed to look like. They nailed the look of the beast in the comic as well.

Looking back on this movie, I remember thinking that the main character was the blond friend from Charles in Charge (it's not), that the girl was the hella unattractive (that was the point, I guess) and that the wizard's hat looked like it was a big poop (it may have been).

Still, despite my love/hate feelings toward the movie, the comic adaptation is amazing. I really wish they still did these.