Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Ghosts for the Collection!

I'm so excited about the Halloween season, I can't stand it!

The best part about this time of year is all the new spooky goodies in stores. During a recent stop at Target, I found myself adding to my much beloved (by me, anyway) toy ghost collection, which hasn't seen a new addition since last year. If you'd like to see my ghost collection you can check out my posts from last year's Halloween Countdown.

Now let's check out the new recruits...

First up, we have one of those Rose Art colorable (is that a word?) artsy vinyl type figures that you're supposed to customize with markers and stickers (included).

But I just wanted a plain white ghost with a couple of big round eyes, so two stickers later, I'm done with my "custom"...

Next, we have a nice little addition that is a triple threat; he's a ghost, he glows in the dark and he's a candy dispenser. I love all three of those things.

See? You just twist the bottom part, tip him over and he throws up Skittles. I once threw up Twizzlers when I was a kid. That sucked.

This guy ain't all that exciting, but he's a ghost and he was like two dollars or something.

And finally, this little cutie came is a 4-pack of tiny little Halloween finger puppets. Look at his goofy little teeth! I fell in love with him immediately.

Well, that's it! The Nerdatorium is now 20% more haunted! Happy Halloween, kiddies!