Thursday, February 28, 2013


Back in 1994, I apparently drew the first three pages of a horrible Star Wars spoof comic. I actually have no memory of this, but it's definitely my style from back then and bears the mark of my Hammerhead Comix pseudo publishing company. Also, I imagine that this was drawn in some late night diner in Greensboro, NC, hence the crappy blue ballpoint pen and lined notebook paper. Thanks to my old homeboy, Dee, for digging these up and giving me a laugh! Enjoy this look into what a total loser I was. Oh, some of it may be NSFW, if you work in a stupid place.

Below is the "cover", and I use that term loosely. I just now noticed that the TIE Fighter is supposed to be a telephone. Why did I think that would be funny?

 Apparently, not only was I a horrible artist, but I was a bit of a pervert, too...

Next up, we have a "pin-up" page. Considering my stunning lack of skills drawing the human anatomy, it's a wonder how I ever built a career as an illustrator.

Anyway, hope you all got a good laugh out of this. God knows I did! I was such a loser.