Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tim Mee Cavemen & Battle Mountain!

Many of you probably remember the reissue Galaxy Laser Team toys that came back out a few months ago, thanks to the efforts of Jeff Imel and company. Well, they're at it again and this time, they're pulling no punches with their re-releases of the classic Tim Mee Cavemen and Battle Mountain playset.

Jeff was kind enough to send me some samples for review.

Let's take a look at the cavemen first. I don't care what you say, there's nothing like a big, fat bag that's almost bursting with 48 plastic cavemen! As soon as I saw the bag, my brain immediately began to develop a strange story line in which the Galaxy Laser Team crew crash lands on a prehistoric Earth and then has to deal with these grunting (yet beautifully sculpted and molded) Neanderthals.

The cavemen come in 4 different poses, in two colors each (light sandy brown and a deep red). You have rock throwing guy...

Paleolithic hatchet throwing dude...

Spiked club swinging chap...

And who I like to call, Alphonse "Big Club" McWalloper...

As I was looking at these guys, it occurred to me that they all look like they could be playing a rousing game of Boulder Baseball...

It goes without saying that these figures are just fantastic and molded with the quality that we have come to expect in these reissues.

Now let's move on to the piece that will probably earn a permanent place in my toy display, Battle Mountain.

This thing is friggin' HUGE! I never had this mountain as a kid (I had one similar that I think was a knock off that came with a military set), but man oh man, am I glad I have one now. The sheer playability is self evident and I can imagine myself as a kid centering hours of adventures around this piece.

But as an adult collector, I was stunned by the possibilities for the Battle Mountain as a general display background. I strongly suggest, even if you're not an old school Tim Mee freak, to get this piece anyway as it makes an awesome display for any of your favorite knick-knacks and gew-gaws.

Jeff was also kind enough to include one of their  Armored Military Scout Vehicles. Holy guacamole, does this take me back! I totally had one of these in both tan (which I always made to play the part of the Japanese) and olive green (the Americans).

This beauty is exactly like I remember it! 

Truly a gorgeous piece of toy history.

Unfortunately, the Tim Mee Cavemen have confused it for some sort of large, plated prehistoric bison or something and immediately tried to kill it and eat it...

I love the fact that the classic Tim Mee toys are being re-released, and I sincerely hope that they make more military figures because today's plastic Army Men are just horrible. Besides, I need soldiers to quell the heated battle between Earth's prehistoric forerunners and the invading Galaxy Laser Team.

Get yours today by clicking on any of the links below!

Battle Moutnain
Tan or Green Army Scout Vehicle
M48 Patton Tank
Military Jeep
Galaxy Laser Team