Tuesday, December 11, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Dream Job!

This week's topic: If money was not a concern and you could choose any career path, what would be your ultimate dream job? 

I don't mean to be all like "Oooh! Look at me! I'm a big, fat, awesome toy designer!" but in all seriousness, I drive to work every morning thinking, "I'm literally on my way to my dream job."

Not many people can say that, so I'm always careful to never forget how fortunate I am.

So, the short answer to this week's question is; I'm already working at my dream job.

Don't get me wrong. If there was a job called "Professional Tourist Attraction/Amusement Park/Campground Reviewer" that came with a company RV for me to drive around the country in, then I guess that would be my answer.

But in the meantime, I'll just keep on designing toys and thanking my lucky stars.

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