Tuesday, June 12, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers Weekly Theme: Reality TV Treasure Hunters

This week's topic: Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Hollywood Treasure, Storage Wars, Toy Hunters, Auction Hunters, Auction Kings — the list of reality TV treasure hunting shows goes on and on. If you could spend a week with the crew from one of these shows (or one that I missed) who would it be?

Well, this one was pretty easy for me. I hate all of the fatso phonies on Pawn Stars, the "treasure team" on Hollywood Treasure are a bunch of blood-sucking scumbag Hollywood hairdos, most of the people on Storage Wars are annoying jackasses and they could could barely hide the sheer humbuggery on Toy Hunters.

So my decision is easy as pie: If I'm going to have to spend a week with one of these Reality TV Treasure Hunters, I'm going with American Pickers. I genuinely like Frank and Mike and the cross-section of good old-fashioned American folks out there that they meet is unbelievably charming.

However, by spending a week with them, I really mean spending a week alone in their main warehouse with their assistant (and budding treasure hunter), Danielle.

In her spare time she is a burlesque performer and on a roller-derby team. She's also inked to the gills and built like an hourglass made of high carbon steel. Yeah, that's pretty much everything I'm all about in a woman.

'Nuff said.

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