Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Monster Cereal Pencil Toppers!

Good grief. I went to that toy show over a month ago and I'm still not done blogging about all the stuff I got there.

Today's show-and-tell items are these beautiful vintage(?) General Mills Monster Cereals pencil toppers...

I've always loved the Monster Cereals (Count Chucula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry), and by that I mean the actual cereals themselves and the product mascots connected to them, as evidenced HERE.

I spotted these at a booth for a whopping $3 and snapped them up right away. After doing a little research (ie. trolling eBay) it turns out that these pencil toppers aren't exactly rare, and depending on the source, may or may not be vintage. I've seen a couple of mentions of them being from as early as 1972 and some saying that these came out in the late '90s. Maybe both are true.

I've never noticed the big Z on Frankenberry's chest. Anyone know what that's about?

Anyway, not exactly an epic score or anything. But I was pretty please to scoop these up. Especially the Count Chocula, who was always my favorite, as you can see here in this pic of me from a few Halloweens ago...

Now I'm off to go have some cereal.