Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome to the Nerdatorium Papercraft Video Arcade!

My recent resurgent fanaticism for old-school video games and pinball machines and my work-related crash-course in, and budding love, of papercraft models has collided when I found a couple of links to action-figure-sized, build-'em-yourself, vintage video game cabinets and other classic arcade ephemera, thus helping me begin to build my very own mini arcade...

The papercrafts themselves are beautifully designed and pretty easy to put together. As I learn more about the hobby of papercrafts, I'm figuring out that I should probably be using glossier paper and printing on the "photo" setting, but to save ink, I've just been doing a standard print on regular cardstock. Either way, it's just two tons of fun to slowly build my very own mini-arcade.

The only downside is that I keep making these on my lunch break when I should be working on my VROOOM! series. Gah! Gotta get focused!

Here's the machines that I've made so far, including Pac Man, Donky Kong, Galaga, Dragon's Lair and the Inidianan Jones and Medieval Madness pinball machines. I even found a template for some little stools!


I've already downlaoded all of the templates that they had available and will probably end up building them all, but I thought it'd be fun to share with you all now, and I'll keep you all updated as I ad machines.

Now I need to print and cut out a ton of really, really tiny quarters...

You can start your own mini papercraft video arcade by downloading the files from the links below:

Video Game Arcade Papercraft

Classic Pinball Papercraft