Tuesday, May 1, 2012

State of the Horde Address - May, 2012


It is I, Reis, the Lord of Dorkness, bringing you the very first State of the Horde Address, which I plan on making a monthly installment to be posted on the first of every month going forward.

This will give me a chance to talk about past Dork Horde moments of note and upcoming Horde business. Also, this will act as a monthly reminder to fellow geek bloggers out there that they are invited to apply for membership, thus making our ranks grow.

Now, on to business...

Since the Dork Horde was formed, our membership has grown to 12 official members! All of whom are stellar ambassadors of geek culture (the primary goal of the Dork Horde) and hereby known as the Founding Members of the Horde. Thanks to Jon K, Colin, Brian, Dan, Jboy, Ron , Tom, John, Kevin, Eric and Mike for joining up and helping me build our little internet tree-fort!

You can see the complete list of members, as well as get links to their blogs, HERE.

Next, I'd like to discuss future plans for the Horde. Now that we've all formed a club, what will we do with it? What are the privileges? Well, I have a few ideas, but I'd like to hear some from all of the Hordytes. What would you like to do?

So far, I've got a few ideas for fun things we could do, which would only be open to official members of the Dork Horde. Here they are:

  • Monthly themed group missions (like, take a picture of a Lego minifigure in a weird place outside of your home, or something like that).
  • An original art trading card trade or some other sort of art jam.
  • A Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange.
  • Having Dork Horde t-shirts made.
  • Mailing out official black masks and membership cards.
  • Come up with a motto (and maybe a secret handshake).
  • A Dork Horde meet up (I know that one will be tricky and is probably years down the road).
  • Starting a Facebook group page (open only to official Horde members) to privately discuss Horde Business.

Those are just a few ideas I'm kicking around. But I'd love to hear from fellow members any ideas that they have!

So, that's about it. The Dorke Horde is growing! But, of course, I'd love to see it get bigger, so if any of you non-Hordytes want to join up, just click the Become a Member link on the right-hand side of the blog and follow the directions. All you need is a blog or website dedicated to geeky stuff (toys, comics, games, etc.) in some way and act as an ambassador of geek culture to the rest of the world. It also helps if you have a black mask.

Onward to greater things, Hordytes! (Insert official motto here when we eventually come up with one.)