Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Holy CRAP! I Totally Forgot About the Batmobile Give-Away!

I can't believe I totally spaced and forgot to announce the winners of the Batmobile give-away that I posted back on Memorial Day. I was supposed to announce the winners this past Monday. But I'm a total dork and forgot.

Sorry! Anyhoodle, without further adoodle, the winners, chosen through the very highly scientific method of numbering the contestants 1 through 5 and then rolling a six sided die (6 not counting, natch), the winners are...

Dan from The Toy Museum!

Congrats, gents! Email me your snail mail addresses and I'll get those sweet Matchbox Batmobiles out to you this weekend (if I remember, which I will sincerely try to do).

More Dork Horde give-aways coming soon! FOR THE HORDE!!!