Sunday, September 2, 2012

OooooOOoooh... I Heard It Through the Grapevine...

After seeing all of you guys make some killer scores at garage and yard sales, I decided to go on a gem hunt myself last weekend. The wife and I drove all over Seattle looking for signs. Okay, we didn't exactly hit the pavement like two people on a mission, but we kept our eyes peeled for signs while running other errands. We hit a few different sales and although I didn't make any legendary scores, I did snatch up these three purple gents...

The California Raisins! I remember the country going raisin crazy for a bit when I was in 7th grade. Even my parents loved the commercials and these dudes were a bit of an exception to the "no more toys" rule they had implemented as they would actually help me collect these guys. I remember getting some at fast food restaurants. I think it was Hardee's. Not sure.

I remember having one that was on a skateboard that was my total favorite. I have no idea how many different California Raisins figures were made. Probably a gazillion.

What a weird thing to catch on, right? Singing claymation raisins? They had tons of products, too. T-shirts, comics, games. Marketing fads are weird.

Anyway, at a whopping one dollar for all three of these wrinkled little former grapes, I think it was a pretty good score. Don't worry, I have no intention of going California Raisins crazy again and trying to collect them all. These three were a nice little reminder of days gone by.

And for the record, no matter how much I liked these zany little dudes, it didn't inspire me to eat one single raisin. Actual raisins suck. Singing ones are awesome.