Friday, September 28, 2012

Top 5 Friday! My Top 5 Favorite Halloween Treats!

There are certain treats that you only eat around Halloween. And that's mostly due to the fact that they're only available around Halloween. But that's what makes them so special. They're here for a limited time, so you better get your fill before the 31st rolls around. I, of course, have a few favorites and have gathered up the top 5 right here. Here we go...

1. Candy Corn

Despite some people's absurd feelings on this perennial treat (I'm lookin' at you, Shezcrafti), this candy is the king of all Halloween candies. Every year I buy a giant bag of candy corn and spend the entire month of October munching on the little sweet kernels. And at least once, I take two and stick them in my mouth like vampire fangs. You know you do it, too.
2. Halloween Oreo Cookies

Yes, yes... I know. They're basically regular Oreos with orange food coloring, but I don't care. They also have little bat, ghost and jack-o-lantern motifs on the cookies, so that counts. And yes, I have tried the new candy corn flavored Oreos and they are glorious, but the basic orange cremes are practically a tradition with me now.
3. Peanut Butter Kisses

Not everyone's favorite, I admit, but these little bundles of joy are like peanut butter flavored taffy with actual peanut butter in the middle, wrapped in orange and black wax paper. It doesn't get more Halloweeny than that for me.
4. Caramel Apples

I only eat one a year, but when I do, it's a rapturous moment. I like mine simple, a green apple in plain caramel. No nuts or sprinkles or chocolate for me. And I can't stress the green apple thing enough. Any time I see red apples dipped in caramel it's like a little mini crime against Halloween.
5. Popcorn Balls

These days, you just can't hand out home made treats to trick-or-treaters, despite all of those razor-blades-in-candy myths being nothing more than urban legend, but when I was a kid, there was one lady in our neighborhood who made killer popcorn balls wrapped in orange cellophane and we would always hit her house first, lest she run out early. Plus it's fun to giggle at the word "balls".