Sunday, September 30, 2012

State of the Horde Address - October, 2012

Hail fellow Hordytes! It's time once again for another update from here in the inner halls of the Lair.

First order of business, everyone please join me in welcoming the Horde newest member, the legendary Rondal Scott III from The Strange Kids Club! Welcome to the Horde, brother!

Now onto the second order of business. Usually, I post the Horde Address on the first every month, but I'm posting a day early, because as of tomorrow, October 1st, the Lair is going into countdown mode for this year's 2012 Halloween Countdown! And this year, I'm sort of cheating a little. I'm basically reposting a Halloween countdown I originally did way back in 2007 on a little blog called Geek Orthodox. It was just so much fun and I just came across all of the pics again, so let's call this an "encore presentation". This will also give me a bit of a blogging break, which will give me time to build up some more stuff to blog about when I return and also get some other projects started.

And finally, not to make a big deal about it, but to our fellow Horde member, Brother Midnight, from Green Plastic Squirt Gun, I want you to know that the Horde is always keeping you in their thoughts and if there is anything you need, we are here for you, brother. Stay strong, amigo.

That's it for this month, kiddies! The 2012 Halloween Countdown starts tomorrow!